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The word OPSIS originated from the ancient Greek language and it has a variety of different meanings. It describes everything that gives existence to our project, from the shape, the view, the look, the vision and the philosophy.

Opsis is our own way of seeing things in this world, underlining the importance of the perspective.

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The creation of this sanctuary is aimed to highlight the most important aspects of life. A tranquil environment with bohemian style, an eco-friendly perspective and smart living technologies to welcome you in a different side of the island.


Opsis is a family business sanctuary run by generation z people, with a strong engagement for the community. Locals as well as immigrants are employed at the property.

OPSIS Suites Thassos


OPSIS monitors its energy consumption and uses LED lighting and energy-saving devices. A smart living environment reduces energy with motion sensors to turn off the lights and cooling/heating. Solar panels are being used to generate hot water, A+ appliances to keep the energy consumption low and double-glazed energy windows.


The property, built with natural materials like stones and wood from local producers, adapts to its natural environment. Sheets and fabrics are made of organic materials.

OPSIS Suites Thassos


Opsis follows an ethos of minimal waste. Plastics in use are being recycled, while single-use plastics are being avoided completely.


The bathroom amenities are carefully selected by us and are produced in Greece, from the well-known brand KORRES, with natural, organic ingredients and recycled packages.